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Hello everybody this the weblog from the exchange between Amersfoort and Liberec.Smile


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3TH day

This day the Chech pupils went to Amserdam the keukenhof and the see. here's a reaction: kate: 'It was a lot of fun, especcialy the see'.

see you tomorrow freets Manon

the second day

hello everybody,

Wow I'm tired. It was a very bussy day. from 9:00 till 12:00 we had a sportsmorning organised by 2AK. We did much different sports. on 12:00 we had an big lunch from things we picked from our home. on 13:00 we went to the zoo that was lots of fun. We saw lots of animals(see pictures) and we aeted lots of ice cream. Now i'm home and I'm going to eet so have a nice evenning see you tomorrow.

Manon from 2AH

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I maked more than 70 pictures today so if you want to see the rest of the pictures mail me...


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the first day

Hello everybody,

I think you are all a little bit tired because it was a bussy day. first at 09:30 we had a speech from rector Hoek then till 10:45 we had to make excersices in groups of 2. in the small break we were free. on 11:55 had 2AK a guidetour in school and 2AH watched a movie. on 11:55 we turnt.So then had 2AH the guidetour and 2AK watched the movie. then we had the big pause and we walked around the school with the Chech pupils. the movie is what we call a inburgeringsfilm.that is a movie that let you see the most important things from Nederland. That was fun. on 13:15 we went to the innercity from Amersfoort. the Chech pupils were sightseeing Amersfoort by making excercices. on 16:00 we went to the municipality house were we had a talk from the head of Amersfoort. Ewout from 2AH tellt us some things about the manners of controlling Amersfoort. on 16:30 was the end of the day and then everybody went to their houses.

Greets Manon 2AH

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just 1 week!


Just 1 week togo before the kids from Tsjechie are coming to holland. I'm looking forward to it. I'm going to make pictures the hole week and Iput them on the sitte. So if you want you can look too pictures and logs from that day. With all the pictures and logs it has to be a fannstastic site. and remember tips are still welcom.

Big kiss from the maker off this site(see picture, made in Liberec) Manon from 2AHTong uitstekend


Holiday and then....

hello everybody,

last few days the kids out Holland had a little holiday. This was of what we call goede vrijdag on Friday and 2de paasdag on Monday. In this time we had time to relaxe but now we are going to school again. AAhFronsen on Tuesday 18-04-06 we have school again

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